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The Ontario Moderate Party is a party of the political center. We seek to combine civil liberties and moderate economic liberalism with environmental sustainability.


None of the past and current Ontario parties in power over last 20 years did anything to promote industrial business here and as result our province has almost completely lost its industrial base. This means that there is no work and is not going to be anytime in the near future. That’s because we need a completely new political force to change this desperate situation. We realize that this task is extremely big and it would take years and years to fix this problem, but we believe that we have enough energy to do it.


Steven Harper and his party are taking credits that Canada avoided a severe recession started in October 2008. However, they did absolutely nothing to save the situation. That recession was a recession of industrial production. But Canada is NOT an industrial country like the United States. A collapse of industrial production in US caused collapse of all US economic. However, closure of few enterprises in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver didn’t have the same dramatic impact. The initial panic subsided and country continued its construction boom. The problem is that there is a limit of how many homes you can build and it looks like that limit is reached. The proof is a collapse of condo market in Toronto and Vancouver in May of 2012. The construction industry pulled country through the first recession. However, we do believe that construction industry is not able to pull country through the second recession. The current conservative government is leading country to an economic disaster by doing absolutely nothing to prevent it. All, what they can do now – only to tell people that the reason of crisis in Canada is a crisis in a far way and tiny Greece.


It is stated that our people are starving. That processed and manufactured food at our supermarkets is not able to satisfy basic needs of our bodies. In other words – we are not adapted to such kind of food. As result our bodies are starving being deprived of normal food. It is well known that children of starving parents are genetically pre-programmed for hard times during their own future lives by adjusting their metabolism to hoard calories. That would result in a tendency to put on weight, what would further lead to high rates of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Do you know that 28 per cent of Ontario children between two and 17 are overweight or obese? Do you know that levels of obesity among young Canadian children have tripled in the last 25 years? Give your cat eggs or milk from supermarket. If can is not extremely hungry, the cat is not going to eat it. He would smell it and would go away. However, the can always would eat with a great satisfaction organic eggs and milk. The cat is a smart animal; he knows what is edible and what is not. Not like us.

As a political party we do believe that our government should invest some financial resources in education promoting a healthy lifestyle.


1.) Scrap the $2.9B a year Health Premium

That tax did not improve our health care, but only complicated corporate accounting, thus encouraging businesses to relocate out of province.

2.) Return back from HST to GST

Introduction of that tax was the greatest stupidity ever played by the Ontario government. Most of the businesses immediately switched to the cash payments which are not taxable and impossible to control. So instead of gaining, the government indeed lost a lot of tax revenue and is disparately trying now to raise other taxes to balance the books. Prices for food, hydro and other utilities jumped 15% in 2011, but salaries did not increase at all. Pensions also did not change. Few more years of such increases and many people would not be able to afford their groceries. It should be remembered that the current Liberal government was elected on a promise not to raise taxes. That promise did not live too long.


Ontario parliament should recognize that the car in Canada is a necessity, but not a privilege. Accordingly:

1.) Restore Fair Auto Insurance.

Today in Quebec you may get car insurance around 300$ a year. The same time you may get insurance in Toronto in the Bathurst/Steeles area around 900$ a month. There are absolutely no reasons in such huge discrepancy. It is affecting very hard our young generation. Our children are sitting at home until age of 30 because they are not able to afford that car insurance and all decent jobs are out of reach of public transportation. If they are not working, then they are claiming welfare and we all have to pay for it.

2.) Restore Sensible Highway Speed Limits

There should not be any reasons allowing the police to take your car away.

3.) Eliminate Ontario’s Gasoline Tax.

Ontario Gasoline Tax was introduced in year 1942 to finance a war against Germany. That war is over long ago. Let’s return to a peaceful time.


The 2011 Provincial Election demonstrated that a large number of people voted for the party and not for the candidate, and in some cases many electors did not know the name of the candidate whom they voted for. We want to make our candidates popular by arranging from them a shadow government visible on our website.


We need your support to provide relief and change for hardworking families across Ontario. The economic situation in province is going worse and worse. If you think that is not going to be worse than we already have – it is a huge mistake. Greece already proved it. According to the statistics, Ontario has worst in Canada education and health systems and the biggest proportion of people living in poverty. Is it rings any bell to you?

The support may be not necessarily in a financial form. We do need information what is really going in the province. The truthful information, but not that information that we are fed by the government controlled mass media. For example, your personal experience with health care in Ontario. Or your personal experience with police in Ontario. We would publish everything what you would send us. If you are afraid of persecution on part of doctors or the police, than mark your information “Only for members of Ontario Moderate Party” and your information would be available only for internal use within the party.

We are looking for intelligent volunteers just like you. Please come join us.


Yuri Duboisky,

Leader of Ontario Moderate Party



Tel: +1 (647) 781 5033

Our Team

Yuri Duboisky

Candidate to MMP from OMP
Richmond Hill
Election District

University diploma with Honor in Industrial Automa

Ian Lytvyn

Candidate to MMP from OMP
Election District

Business Diploma. Computer Technician. Worked as

Ihor Nesterenko

Vice President
Ontario Moderate

Owner  ExpressHomeRenovation (ExpressHomeRenovat

Sofiya Dubova

Mass Media Manager,
Ontario Moderate
Party Channel

Studied at Bishop Allen Catholic Academy Lives in

Sergey Dekhtyarenko

Project Manager
Ontario Moderate

University diploma in Automatic-telemechanic. Univ

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