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We really need your support here and now. We will be extremely thankful for every dollar that will be donated. We hope that with your help we will be able to make our project a world wide reality.

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We need your support to provide relief and change for hardworking families across Ontario. The economic situation in province is going worse and worse. If you think that is not going to be worse than we already have – it is a huge mistake. Greece already proved it. According to the statistics, Ontario has worst in Canada education and health systems and the biggest proportion of people living in poverty. Is it rings any bell to you? The support may be not necessarily in a financial form. We do need information what is really going in the province.

Volunteer opportunities

The truthful information, but not that information that we are fed by the government controlled mass media. For example, your personal experience with health care in Ontario. Or your personal experience with police in Ontario. We would publish everything what you would send us. If you are afraid of persecution on part of doctors or the police, than mark your information “Only for members of Ontario Moderate Party” and your information would be available only for internal use within the party. We are looking for intelligent volunteers just like you. Please come join us.

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