Health care

How safe is your hospital?

Hospitals should be places you go to get better, but too often the opposite happens.

Infections, surgical mistakes, and other medical harm contribute to the deaths of tremendous amount of people in Canada.  Many people do believe that American private health care system is doing in this regard better. It is not. “There is an epidemic of health-care harm,” says Rosemary Gibson, a patient-safety advocate and author. More than 2.25 million Americans will probably die from medical harm in this decade, she says. “That’s like wiping out the entire populations of North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont. It’s a man-made disaster”.

Medical harm is probably one of the three leading causes of death in Canada, but the government doesn’t adequately track it as it does death from automobiles, plane crashes, and cancer. It’s appalling.  That lack of information not only makes it difficult to define the extent of the problem but also makes it challenging for patients to know about the safety of the hospitals in their communities.

We have an intention to gather and publish on our website stories of different people about their personal experience with health care system in Ontario. But, it is a huge task and it would take some considerable time to complete. For now we would like to rely on the website of Ontario Health Coalition in our critics of existing health system:

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